Yes, Your
Tongue Has Dreams

SUPERCANDY® the destination of where flavor meets function

We want you to be a happy, high-performing, non-hungry version of your current self. And while SUPERCANDY® works just fine if you want to stare at our website all day, its true calling is to help you run, jump, play, shoot and shred with an advanced degree of awesome.

SUPERCANDY® is packed with b vitamins to boost your energy, antioxidants to keep your immune system strong, and electrolytes to help you stay hydrated.


Caramel – MEL loves to hang out and have fun, but also has a sophisticated side that reveals rich flavor with every bite. With all the vibe of vintage caramel, Mel is a true classic, naturally remastered for today.

The MOST ADVANCED TART Known to Humankind.

Fruit Full – A snack naturally designed to rocket your taste buds into the stratosphere. We used super science to squeeze massive flavor into a small space, so toss a handful into your mouth and hang on tight.

You Know The Tale of the Magic Beans, right?

Multi-Berry – We’ve harnessed that same power, so you can eat a few of our beans and preside over your own kingdom of delicious delights. Once the Multi-Berry flavor takes over, you know you’re good to grow.

Save The Bears For The Stuffed Animal Collection.

Multi-Berry – our GUMMY offers pure function mixed with mega flavor. And since waiting is boring, our Gummy unleashes great taste right from the get-go to supercharge your very being.

Wipe that pucker off your face, sour gummy is a game changer.

Fruit-Full – GUMMY with tude… may make you cry a little bit, but always has the best intentions. Sour GUMMY is always trying to get that extra yard. You just may start picking sour over sweet after this flavor hits your tongue.

SUPERCANDY Benefits - 5 Kinds of Awesome