For those who crave assorted deliciousness, the SUPERCANDY® MULTI-PACK is here. The MULTI-PACK comes stocked with three packs each of four SUPERCANDY heroes: MEL, TART, GUMMY and BEAN


Short for caramel. Mel loves to hang out and have fun, but also has a sophisticated side that reveals rich flavor with every bite. With all the vibe of vintage caramel, Mel is a true classic, naturally re-mastered for today. It is recommended to COOLPACK this product - you may choose this from the options below. The additional charge does not include shipping.


Fruit-Full – It's the most advanced Tart known to humankind, a snack naturally designed to rocket your taste buds into the stratosphere. We used super science to squeeze massive flavor into a small space, so toss a handful into your mouth and hang on tight.


Multi-Berry – You know the tale of the magic beans, right? We've harnessed that same power, so you can eat a few of our Beans and preside over your own kingdom of delicious delights. Once the Multi-Berry flavor takes over, you know you're good to grow.


Multi-Berry – Save the bear shapes for stuffed animals – our Gummy offers pure function mixed with mega flavor. And since waiting is boring, our Gummy unleashes great taste right from the get-go to supercharge your very being.

Orange Froot

This is the visionary leader of the snacking world, it’s the one they listen to and admire. He can make a three point shot with his eyes closed, build the best fort you’ve ever seen, or solve an algebra question like it was a nursery rhyme, this flavor packed snack will push you to achieve anything!

Sour Gummy

Full of great knowledge that can sometimes cause an explosion quite like his usual science experiments, but this is an explosion of flavor. Sour Gummy will make your kid add like a calculator and turn into the next Frank Lloyd Wright of building blocks.

Strawberry Froot

Witty, generous with its swag, and the creator of cafeteria conversation! This incredible strawberry flavor will keep you holding on tight; preventing it from making its usual trips around the cafeteria!

Sweet Gummy

You can call this one a taster’s pet, sweet to the core, but always messing up the grade curve with its continuous A+ from the tasters!